How to Play for Real Money for Free

Every person that thought of trying to play in a casino dreamed of winning big. Naturally, in an ideal situation, you would get a decent opportunity to win something without investing anything. While this might sound like a dream, it’s something that is actually possible. Of course, it won’t be something that is easily achieved or otherwise no one would even pay money in a casino game.

Besides, there are so many web-based casinos that will only give you a chance to win something after you have played for a while. However, this is not something that is great for beginners. If you have never tried playing casino games, you are probably hesitant to open your wallet and just throw cash on a casino game.

No-Deposit Bonus

The most popular and most desired form of casino promotions is no-deposit. The casino will usually have some sort of promotion with the idea of attracting players to join their casino. While it definitely might sound like a bad thing and even a trick, it is something that is player-friendly. Through this bonus, a casino offers some amount for players that haven’t yet created an account. If you decide to join, you will need to enter some details like email, name, surname, etc.

Finally, the casino will reward you for joining the website with free cash that you can use to play a few of their games. Now, where’s the catch, you might ask. Usually, the casino will give only a limited number of games you can try, and you won’t have their full repertoire at your disposal. Furthermore, the amount of money you’ll receive won’t be mind-blowing as it is usually around $10 or $20.


Another important thing is that you should undoubtedly study the terms and conditions of that casino. This way, you will be able to understand how everything works and what you will need to do to meet the wagering requirements.

As you can probably expect, you won’t be able to simply redeem this no-deposit bonus and proceed to the checkout. Usually, the casino will write the wagering requirements and what you need to do. More specifically, there will be a certain amount that you’ll need to win in order to withdraw your winnings.

Among the safe ways you should approach a casino is to find the right game you should play. Most web casinos will allow you to play games like slots only, and you should try to avoid the ones with a large minimum coin size. If you find the one that has a rather high minimum, you will probably waste your money in no time. However, if you try one of the penny slots that will allow you to play a slot for one penny, you will have a lot more chances to reach the requirements.

In the end, it is essential to remember to do your homework and spend some time on research if you hope to win anything.

No-Deposit Free Spins

Similarly to the previous bonus offer, there are casinos that will grant you a certain number of free spins instead of handing you cash. The rules for this will work the same, and you also won’t receive hundreds of free spins. Usually, casino sites will grant these no-deposit free spins offers with ten or twenty spins, where you will have enough chances to understand how the game works.

Naturally, you will have this limited window of opportunities to meet the requirements if you hope to win real money. Besides, if there is a specific number of free spins available where you are not required to deposit, you will be allowed to play slots only.

Other Bonuses

No-deposit bonuses are the best possible thing you could get as a welcome bonus. Unfortunately, most casinos will offer only deposit bonuses. This second type works similarly, with the only difference that you’ll have to deposit a certain amount before you are able to claim your reward.

Besides, the casino will seldom offer these free spins bonuses as an extra gift to the matching sum. The more you deposit at the beginning, the more you will receive as a bonus. However, you will still have to meet the wagering requirements before you can proceed to withdraw any money.


Whatever you decide in the end, the best idea is to always carefully read the fine print. This way, you’ll make sure that all the conditions have been met. Then, the only thing that’s left is to enjoy the games. Besides, you’ll also find out what you have to do to finally manage to earn money without having to pay for anything if one of the incredible no-deposit bonuses are available.