Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Live Online Roulette

The internet plays a major role in our everyday lives. It was a matter of time before casinos started working online as well. For over a decade there have been so many casinos that offer all kinds of games.

One of the main questions players have is which one is better. Is online casino better than the real one? Are the games better? Even though there are so many great games available, we will focus only on roulette.














Advantages of Live Online Roulette

Free Games

One of the main benefits is the number of free games you could win either by playing or using some kind of a coupon or a code. Besides, you could always try and play games for free until you understand how everything works and before you proceed to live dealer games.

Play From Home

Obviously, the main advantage is that you won’t have to travel across the country or world to find the right casino that offers roulette. You won’t have to book a flight or make any kind of reservations. You can play it from anywhere.


The result of online roulette is decided randomly, which is the whole point of the game. To ensure that the games are fair, each casino offers some kind of verification for their RNG. However, if you play one of the live games in the casino, there will be a real dealer on the screen, and the real roulette wheel will decide the outcome. You won’t have to worry if games are fair, you will be able to see everything on your screen.


Playing roulette online won’t expose you. You won’t have to show up somewhere where people could see you. If you don’t want anyone to know that you love roulette, this might be perfect for you.


Online, a perfect slot awaits for everyone. If you miss your time-slot, the game will continue without you. You won’t have to wait for slow players to decide what they want.


If you go to play games with live dealers, you will love the fact that you can interact with them, as well as with other players. You will have controls on-screen where you can select the type of bets and use the chat feature. Not only will you be able to say something to the dealer, but the dealer will answer! This will make you feel like you are in a real land-based casino.


Interestingly, you will be able to see everything instead of seeing just the end number. For example, some live dealer games will have a TV placed behind the dealer so you could be sure that it isn’t a recording but a live stream.

Disadvantages of Live Online Roulette

Delay and Desynchronization

Sometimes there might be a delay between you and the dealer, and other players might play a bit slower than you. This can sometimes result in a slow-pacing game.

Limited Games

The number of games you could play in the live version is limited. Since there are only a few games available, you can imagine that when it comes to playing roulette, your options won’t be limitless either. There is a low chance of you having a comfort of picking a different type of roulette.

Potential Tech-Related Issues

Obviously, something like that could not happen in real casinos. While it is still possible that something might go wrong in a real casino, the chances are less likely compared to live online games where everything is tech-dependable. You should be aware that the game also depends on the internet connection and speed.


There are so many casinos available, and sometimes it might be difficult to find ones where you can enjoy without worrying about your money or private info. You should always check the reviews and feedback of casinos before you start playing.

Table Capacity

Since live games are rather popular, you might sometimes need to wait for your turn since the capacity is limited. It is not rare that the table is full and you will have to prepare yourself for possible waiting.

No Real Interaction

While we mentioned that there is a great option where you could talk to the dealer and players, sometimes it might be a disadvantage. For example, you might be at a table with not so talkative players, and in the end, you won’t have any physical interaction while playing online.


There are many pros and cons to online roulette. Of course, the real thrill that land-based casinos offer will be difficult to match, but playing with live dealers online is a fun and exciting way to play games if can’t actually go to a real casino. Besides, playing games online is a lot cheaper since there are fewer expenses from their side as well, and as a result, you might get incredible rewards and bonuses.